Social Network Design

According to Nielsen Online, social networks and blogs are now the 4th most popular kinds of online activities. 67% of the world online population are now visiting them and the time they’re spending on them is growing by three times the overall growth rate of the internet. Social networks are now visited more often than personal email is read. Some social networks have grown to such enormous proportions that they rival entire countries in terms of population—if Facebook, for example, was a country, it would be the fifth-most-populated in the world (right between Indonesia and Brazil).

Create Engaging Online Communities

Today, social networks, which provide a unique, special business value, have never been more important to your company’s online success. By making effective use of social media such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn API and Twitter, you can broaden your demographic and your target audience in order to promote your products and services, build customer loyalty and increase sales. Social media is also a great way to keep existing and prospective customers up-to-date on your company’s latest news, events and promotions.

Social Networks are a perfect way to express and share your personal interests. Creating a community niche that you and others who share your interests can enjoy.

We build Social Network Communities for both business and personal use.

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